When a bustling local favorite, Pure Bliss Dessert’s was faced with the need for more seating and a larger commercial kitchen to keep up with demand, they looked to expand beyond their single tenant space by acquiring the shop next door.

Reconfiguring and updating the tired mid-century street façade to more closely match the historical roots of the building, along with the bakeries of yesteryear, set the tone for the vision of the new space. Large street level windows with clerestory windows above, replaced the off-axis, aluminum clad mid-century windows, bringing the natural light deeper into the historically tall open space. The brick columns that visually divided the four bays of the building have been revealed and embellished in the new storefront helping to redefining the new expanded café. The addition of outdoor seating and a new fabric awning bring life back to the street and welcome all newcomers.

Occupying both commercial bays allowed for the doubling of the commercial kitchen space and an increase in the variety and number of seating options to match an expanding variety of desserts and beverage options. Customers are now greeted by large display cases as they enter along with a specific cake cutting station beyond (complete with warm knife states to keep the knifes clean and cutting smoothly).

The popular couch/lounge area has been retained and revitalized from the old location along with the addition of window bar seating for individuals and small groups. Tucked in the back of the café area is a cozy, semi-private, banquet for larger groups or those seeking a quieter place to enjoy their cake.