Camber’s flagship cafe was a complete re-imagining and revitalization of an underutilized storefront. The tenant space was a former comic book shop with low ceilings, fields of florescent lighting and no windows. The interior was cold, dark and unwelcoming.

The first move was to eliminate the dropped acoustical tiles exposing the tall ceilings and clerestory windows that wrap two sides of the space. This opening of the space set the tone and the concept of visibility for the project. Rather than hiding the machines and equipment, the process and craft of making coffee was put on display with beautiful brewing equipment and serving ware that sits simply on a flat stone counter. Behind the bar a single shelf that extends the entire length of the restaurant holds extra glasses, bottles of wine, serving platters and merchandise. From the entrance of the cafe one can see the entire space and into the small commercial kitchen at the back.

Once inside the customer is given a variety of options. There are standing bars, bar stool tables, outdoor seating and a luxurious banquet under a lowered soffit that can serve single customers or large groups.