[bundle] Mobile HQ represents an opportunity to showcase our core design values: environmental sustainability, beauty, promotion of local economy, and the creation of effective teaching tools in pursuit of a higher quality built environment for all.

The mobility of this office will allow us to park at various local events and conferences, where we can meet our fellow community members, answer their questions about green building, and strike up conversations that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise.

Built upon a salvaged RV trailer base graciously donated by colleagues and friends on the Lummi Reservation, the space is designed according to the rigorous Passive House standard (and is currently pursuing certification). It is highly insulated with structurally insulated panels (SIPs) as well as an insulated service cavity filled with sheep’s wool, a carbon neutral material which binds any chemicals potentially off-gassing within the space. High performance windows prevent condensation while keeping the space comfortable and bathed in daylight.

Fresh air is supplied and exhausted through the extremely air tight space using a heat exchanger (HRV), and the interior heating loads are primarily met through the presence of three people and their respective desktop computers. We’re hoping that Zach will bring his dog to work so we can ditch any supplemental heating systems altogether!

Other features include salvaged metal siding, a composting toilet, and a rooftop solar array which will offset our energy use.