The Birch Case Study House was developed by [bundle] as a tool to demonstrate the industry’s most progressive techniques in green building.

For the project [bundle] partnered with numerous non-profit organizations including Sustainable Connections and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA/ Energy Star). [bundle] also partnered with manufactures of sustainable materials including Cascadia Windows, Crystalite Skylights, Prosoco R-guard, Roxul, Rewnewability-Power Pipe, Metal Sales, Zehnder, BTL liners, Deco Products, Truegrid permeable pavers and many more. Additionally, in cooperation with WSU, [bundle] field tested a new CO2 heat pump by Sanden for both domestic hot water and radiant heat.

As a goal [bundle] wanted to develop a project that was as close to the Living Building Standard as possible. The house is planned to be net-zero water, net-zero energy, used as many sustainable materials as financially viable. Some of the major strategies include the use of salvaged lumber, rainwater catchment for all water uses, composting toilets, greywater onsite treatment and infiltration, continuous exterior insulation, triple pane tilt turn windows, concrete floors for radiant heat and thermal mass, passive solar orientation, drain water heat recovery, balanced ventilation through heat recovery ventilator, and liquid applied air/water barrier that resulted in 1/3 less air infiltration than the Passive House requirement.

Out side of the house the landscape is planned to incorporate significant urban agriculture, storm water management through green roofs, rain gardens, and a permeable driveway.

Special thanks to all those who helped in the construction. Tretwold Construction, Spectrum Plumbing & Heating, Borne Engineering, Renewood, Heath, Dick, Donna, Jerry, Pat & Andy.