The BellingHamster Wheel is a proposal to create a signature tourist attraction in Bellingham.  It unites the desire for unique objects of visual interest in the urban environment with the appeal of physical activity and dynamic streetscapes. The wheel will be the world’s largest human hamster wheel, a sculpture designed for playful interaction.  The project aims to provide a free place for people and families to play, sit, relax or be ridiculous in the downtown area.

The proposed wheel is 20 feet in diameter. Currently no similar treadwheel exists that is accessible to the public. The Belling-Hamster Wheel would draw visitors downtown to see the attraction, take photographs, and have fun.

[bundle] designed the BellingHamster Wheel for the 2015 Sustainable Connections  Kapow!! space making competition.

  • Concept & Team Leadership: Patrick Hurley
  • Wheel Design & Presentation Graphics: [bundle]
  • Presenter: Maddie Neuman
  • Design Support & Research: Brad Stone, Paul George – Cascade Design Group
  • Cost Estimation: Matt Woolsey – Woolsey Cost Estimation
  • Marketing: John Bunn – Iron Street Printing